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  • John Platt

Jug Meadows Ski

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Ski tour to Jug Meadows.

  • January 25, 2022

  • Team: John, Art, Craig, and Tom

  • ~12 miles, 1200' gain, Class 1 & 2, 4:45 c-c

We started our ski from Alpine Heights and were soon past the Jug Ranch trail system. We ski that section almost every day, so I had a hard time identifying photographic opportunities.


But soon enough we were on the road above the reservoir. On the horizon you can see both Seven Devils and Wallowas.

We're in an inversion, so stripping layers was deemed necessary. After all, it had been about 5°F at my house when we left.

Dakota likes to make sure we each have the 10 essentials, which includes dog treats. Oh- make that 11.

After some mellow cruising, we hit 'The Chute", which requires more advanced ski techniques, such as doing the herringbone.

Then more cruising. Note that there are two skiers in the photo.

The road does some big, flattish zigzags with steep switchbacks. Fortunately, despite the sunshine the snow was staying cold and our wax was working well.


When we got on top, we found calm winds and sunshine was the perfect complement to tea while sitting on our packs. Except Ruby was pretty sure there were wolves watching, so we got under way again.

After some more very pleasant cruising, we were on our way back down the hill. Some of that was slightly treacherous. We each applied our best skills.

In the shade, the snow was still powder. Here we await some spectacle from Craig. Not.

And then we were on the actual Craig's Loop. No previous tracks. Art eagerly broke trail seeking the creamy sensation of sliding trough crystalline powder.

From here it's a steady downhill to a north-facing slope that is too shady for photos. Wonderful skiing back to the Jug Ranch trail system, a race down the groomed trails, and then we walked back to our houses (Craig lives next door).

Great day!

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