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43 summits

"2021 started off with a little more snow than normal, and it seemed to last a little longer, too.
So we were still skiing into April. And then it got dry.
June snow levels seemed below normal and the temps were definitely higher. Six days in a row of over 100°F in Boise in June. After a horribly smoky and hot August, we got the first snow in my yard (5010') on September 28. Then no snow at all on December 6. By any measure it has been a great year, and I note that in 2021 I spent 34 nights on the ground."

Harris Creek Peaks

January 1

John (Splattski), SuperDave, John, George, Michael, Brett, Jeremiah, Pam, Steve, Chris, Alex, and Kathy

Payette Point

January 17

John and Craig

Big Creek Summit turns

January 30

John (Splattski), Tom, John and Tamara

Snowdon Rock

February 4

John, Craig, and Dave

Gallagher Peak

February 10

John, Art, Craig, Dave, and Tom

Art's Birthday

February 16

John, Art, Craig, and Dave

Payette Point

February 17

John, Art, Craig, and Dave

Payette Point

March 4

John, Tom, Susan, and Mackenzie, Craig

Blue Gulch

March 18

John and Craig

Snowdon Rock

March 21

John, Tom and Susan, Craig

Lick Creek ski

March 26

John and Art

Jughandle Mountain

April 1

John (Splattski) and John (Bird)

ITA Bernard Mountain

April 5-11

John and Liz

April 16

John, Dave, Craig, and Tom

ITA Big Creek

April 18-23

John, Tom, Tom, Dave, Gary, Ian, Nathan, and Mark

White Rock Ridge

April 29

John and Dave

Willow Ridge peaks

May 2

John and Dave

Hazard Creek

May 6

John and Dave

Miners peak

May 9

John and Dave

May 14-16


May 22

John, Dave, Tom, and Craig

Snowslide Peak

May 27

John and Craig

Shaw Twin Lakes

May 30

John and Craig

Crystal Lake backpack/Clair Peak

June 3-4

John and Dave

June 6

John (Splattski), Dave, John (Bird?)

Malony Lake

June 8

John, Craig, and Dave

ITA Chamberlain Creek

June 13-19

John, Craig, Dave, Tom, Art, and Brian

Cly Lakes, The Beast, and Tsum Lake

June 22

John and Dave

Boulder Mountain

June 27

John (solo)

Duck Lake with Dad

June 28

John and Richard

Burnside Lake backpack

July 3-5

John and Dave

ITA Seven Devils

July 7-11

John, Dan, Jen, Cole, Gregg, Anne, Dave, and Craig

Boulder Mountain

July 14

John, Art, and Dave

ITA recon: North Fork Lick Creek

July 17

John, Tom, Art, and Dave

Blackmare-Squaretop Lakes loop

July 21-23

John, Tom, and Dave

Nick Lake and Nick Peak

August 3-4

John and Dave

Other Ducker and Duck Peak

August 10

John and Dave

Stormy Point

August 17

John and Dave


August 20

John and Dave

Marshall Mountain loop

August 24

John and Dave

Boulder-Jug-Louie loop

August 27

John (solo)

Middle Fork and Buckhorn Mountain lakes

August 29-30

John and Dave

Rapid, Pete's, and Cougar Lakes

September 3-6

John, Dave, Tom, Craig, and Susan

Hershey Point

September 11

John and Dave

Upper Duck and Burnside Peak

September 13

John and Craig

September 14

John, Susan, Tom, Dave, and Tim

September 16

John, Dave, Tom, Art, Tim, and Craig

September 20

John and Dave

September 22

John, Dave, Tom, and Art

Flying Fish and 65ish

September 23

John, Dave, and Tom


September 24

John, Dave, and Tom

Golden lake Peak and Peak 8361 (Platt Peak)

September 26-27

John, Dave, and Art

Boulder Mountain

October 14

John, Mackenzie, Tom, and Jim

Black Lee Peak

October 17

John and Tom

Snowslide Lake

October 27

John and Art

Anderson Lake

October 29

John and Craig

Payette Point

November 29

John, Craig, and Tom

Solitaire Peak

December 3

John and Craig

Big Creek ski

December 21

John (Splattski), John and Tamara

2021 Adventures: List
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