White Rock Ridge


Early season bushwack/snowshoe on early season legs.

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Gorgeous weather predicted. Gotta get out. Looking for a LOJ highpoint in my neighborhood that I had yet to do.

I know! Let's go down to the South Fork and get some ticks!

So first thing in the morning, my camera was too cold to shoot. Then up the old, abandoned trail. Not a lot to shoot, anyway. Finally, at about 6200' it was time to put on the slowshoes, so out came the camera.


Lots of this.



Just keep following the ridge top.


And then suddenly, there's White Rock.


I had been to White Rock before, but today we were seeking the highpoint on the ridge. Not far....


Not nearly as dramatic as the rock.


But loads of views.

Summit shot.


And then it was time for NTP.

That's Blackmare.



The Castle. Trailhead
Gold Fork Rock Trailhead
And much farther away, Tripod Peak. Trailhead
Strangely (or alternately, how convenient!) there was a large bare area adjacent to the summit. We took full advantage, spending lunch basking in the sun. Trailhead

Then it was time to go visit the Rock itself.

I think I found the key to climbing it, but I want a belay. Trailhead

Then came the long, long descent. The snow had gotten slippery, so slowshoeing was a little tricky. After that, descending through steep, slickery deadfall on tired legs was equally tricky.

There's something you don't see everyday. And it's actually below us.


It was hot enough that we were sweating on the descent (at the car, 75°!).

Finally, there's the bridge.


It helps to have a good zoom on your camera.

Tick count was somewhere around 30 to 40 each.

PS- Want a little solitude? We saw exactly one (1) other car moving between Cascade and our trailhead. And back.

Dave's photo blog Trailhead
Map Trailhead

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