Snowslide Lake


A traditional fall hike, Snowslide is often snowy this time of year.

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Dave is in France, so only Art was able to sneak out for an afternoon hike. We drove the Jet A up the absolutely horrible (and getting worse) Lick Creek road without having to drive on snow. Crossed the creek without getting our feet wet (but slipping around a bit), and immediately started walking in snow. The woods there are sort of unremarkable from a photogenic standpoint (although quite beautiful) so no photos until we had climbed a couple hundred feet up the hillside. Still not a great day for photography, but here's a shot of the ramparts of Pot Peak.

A little higher and we could sort of see Black Lee Peak, the last outing I had been on. Looks a little different today. The fast-paced changes of Fall are part of the fun. Trailhead

Ruby was ecstatic about playing in the snow.


It's a hard and tricky pull to climb the trail (in places, more like a pile of boulders) in the snow. But soon enough we could see the face of the mountain, or part of it, anyway.

We were kind of excited by what looked like ice streaks all over the place.


Alas, when I blew the image up on my computer, our "ice streaks" were snowy trees. Jim, you can still try those in your crampons. Just don't invite me.


And there's the lake. Serene.

As you can see, the clouds were moving in and out.

Using a ski pole's marking, we determined that the snow here was about 6" deep.


We stood and stared for a while.

Eventually, the building graupel convinced us it was time to carefully head down.
Success!- during the tricky descent neither of us fell on our ass.


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