Snowslide Peak


A spring tradition, Snowslide Peak offers up big views.

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The usual crew was pared down to just my next-door neighbor, Craig, and I. It's pretty handy to have such an enthusiastic and willing partner living one door down the road.

So we were off at 8am sharp (and he's punctual!), and on our feet at about 8:45 after driving all the way to the second bridge. Road typically denture-rattlingly bumpy but almost no snow. Sun not yet up.


Ruby smelled something.


Craig was surprised at how steep the 'trail' is, despite the warning. Including the warning about the quotation marks.


Steep means great views. That's Slick Rock (follow the link, Craig).


Consistent snow started at about 7000'.

And there's Golden Lake. It's an end-of-May tradition.


Craig was marveling, but lunch was in order. Ruby quickly identified Lunch Rock. In other years, the rock might just barely be sticking out of the snow.

She totally ignored me in preference to Craig's chicken treats.


Then it was up up, and up some more. Dakota is getting the hang of this.

If you notice Dakota looking a little lighter-colored, she's a peroxide blonde. Hydrogen peroxide is part of the de-skunking process.

The snow here was a variable-depth layer of slush on top of old snow. Note the depth of Dakota's tracks. The slush was the remnant of the biblical rainstorms we had last week in McCall, only up here it came as snow. But the already-warm temps had melted it quickly. But not quick enough for it to consolidate and truly bond with the old layer.

And after some serious NTP at the saddle, we finally get a view of today's summit. Trailhead
Craig on the summit. Not much scenery to look at. Trailhead

I made Craig creep over to the edge for a better view of Snowslide Lake.

Note that if you click for the bigger image, you can also see Lick Creek Road down there.

Apologies for the horizon. Handheld above my head.

Looking the other way. NTP Lite calls for me to tell you the right-most peak is Jughandle. Trailhead
Ah, yes- The Spear. I have to explain that that is NOT a tree. Trailhead
Well, we ate all the lunch so I guess we may as well head back down now. Trailhead

Warm and hard work. Time for a drink.

For a map, visit one of the reports linked above.


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