Snowdon Rock


Signs of a Spring to come on Snowdon Rock.

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Yes, the pavement is bare, if not dry. Last time through here we were on solid snow.

We were able to walk on solid snow to the switchback before donning the snowshoes.


The ice is showing signs of Spring: clear and melty.


On the south-facing part of the route, we briefly had to boot. Then back to snowshoes.


It gets pretty steep as you near the top.


That's the summit in the background. Craig is looking pretty dynamic.


Tom looking dynamic.


Bird hamming it up.

There's one in every crowd.

Susan eyeing the possibilities of being dynamic. Trailhead

On top.

We sat for quite a while, enjoying the nice day, the views, and the antics of the pups.

Speaking of views, here's a zoom of Nick Peak. Definitely on the list for this summer. It has been nine years since my last time up because it takes quite an effort. Trailhead
Still relaxing. Trailhead
Then we had some local entertainment. Trailhead
And finally, time to head down. Here, Susan takes the elevator. Trailhead
But she's back up and looking strong. Trailhead
My attempt at a dramatic photo. It's a work in progress. Trailhead

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