Shaw Twin Lakes


A neighborhood hike, Shaw Twin Lakes are sublime. And not a soul in sight on Memorial Day.

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Craig, my next-door neighbor, is still learning about the neighborhood. So today we visited two things local:

  • Idaho State lands
  • Sublime backcountry lakes
So first, we had to drive through the state lands. Yeah, it looks a mess. Used to be a shady very pretty forest. Now turned into pandemic TP.

I was suspicious that the north-facing slopes of the upper road might give us problems. Indeed.


But a quarter mile past that on the sunny side, all was well.


But there's the trailhead. May, indeed. See the trip report linked above from June 20 of last year.


Overall, the trail was somewhat buried in snow. Follow your Ruby!


That girl knows her way around!

Lower Shaw Twin. Craig was gaga. I was secretly smiling, know what was coming.


Yes, there's Upper Shaw Twin.

The ridge on the right makes for an excellent route to Boulder Peak.

Fish were rising like crazy, Dave. Trailhead

Looking down on Upper Shaw from the viewpoint.

That poor ground squirrel was in there the entire time we ate. Trailhead
LPFs for my honey. Trailhead

The dogs each played a little fetch and went swimming.

And then it was back dwon the snowy trail to the truck. Funny how it always seems to go faster on the way home!?


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