Hazard Creek Falls


Springtime water in Hazard Creek.

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It was a warm, sunny Spring day. Dave had gotten a shingles vaccine the day before, so wasn't feeling too great. Looking for something easy, he chose Hazard Creek. It was full.

Dave's map differentiates and calls this Hazard Falls, while the big falls on Hazard Creek is called Hazard Creek Falls.

But the water here is Hyatt Creek.

Whatever- this was the biggest I have seen it.


With the burned trees still standing, you have to get up close to see the falls without the snags.


There is other stuff to look at. Pollock Mountain looks like good skiing.


And then there is the big falls on Hazard Creek. Also hard to get a clear view, this time because it's a big cliff with scary-looking edges.


A little better view.


You just don't get the same feeling until you see it move and hear it roar.

Dave's photo blog Trailhead

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