Other Ducker and Duck Peak


During fire season, a pretty smoke-free hike to Other Ducker and Duck Peak.

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Dave and I have been getting after it pretty hard recently. After our most recent outing to Nick Peak, we decided to have a relaxing day without too much mileage or gain, maybe even do a little fishing. Other Ducker was calling us!

So on a cool morning with clear skies, we were on our feet at about 9am and heading up the ridge above the Granite Mountain trailhead.


There's Goose Creek Reservoir behind Dave.


And there's Duck Peak behind Ruby.

When we got to the top of the ridge, we had filtered views of what, due to two local lakes with the same name, my father calls Other Ducker. Trailhead

The cow trail down the hill to the lake was super poofy, so Dave was staying behind some distance to avoid eating the dust.


But he was the first to get out the camera. Well, sorta. Maybe the first to do some serious photography?

We fished fruitlessly. Ruby hunted squirrels. And she resisted the 12.5% Cow Dog in her DNA.


Above the lake is the remnants of a past lake, now a gorgeous meadow. Ruby, flawlessly executing her modeling job, made it even more gorgeous.


We continued up the drainage to the saddle, where we finally got a view to the northeast of Lower Blacktip.

Same direction from higher up the ridge. Somewhere in here we got to see the range maggots that we had been hearing. That noise makes me nervous because Ruby is not afraid of perro. Trailhead
From the summit of Duck Peak, the neighbor to the south is Slab Butte. Trailhead
And across the valley to the west is Granite Mountain, complete with lookout if you click for the larger version of the picture. Trailhead
Looking back down on Other Ducker. Trailhead
And with a very powerful zoom, you can even pull in Monument Peak in the southern Seven Devils. Trailhead
Another view of Goose Creek Reservoir. Trailhead
Map Trailhead
Dave's blog Trailhead

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