Sunny Bar Peak


An early season classic, Sunny Bar offers an easy ridge and great views.

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Ever since I saw Tom and Big Dan had done this peak in early spring, it's been on my list of spring outings. So after a stressful day of car shopping, we all jumped in my "new" rig and headed east. As dark was approaching, we turned off toward the Blizzard Mountain ski area, and then threw down in a side junction, camping right in the road.

The next morning, we had a chat with the owner of the Sunny Bar ranch and then drove up a very bumpy road (at least, bumpy in my heavy-duty truck) to the start of the climb.


And up the steep grassy slope to the ridge top. There our summit, peeking out above.

Typical Lemhi terrain. Very pretty, if not spectacular. Note the rocky bump on the left, which is part of our route. Trailhead
Here's another view of that rocky bump, taken as we bypassed it on the left (north) side. Stay down lower; I tried to cross the ridge and ran into a big drop-off. Trailhead
You just follow the ridge the whole way. It's mostly forested, and in some areas there is a lot of deadfall. Eventually, you near the summit and in our case, run into snow that was overall quite firm. Trailhead

We found lots of dry ground between snow patches. And then about a 20-foot section of steep, hard snow barring the way onto the ridge top.

Alex and Ruby atop one snow section. I'm not sure what Alex is doing, but I really like this shot.
Your caption here.

And the last section of snow.


I was busy taking photos and rubbernecking, so was in the back of the pack. Ruby, on the other hand, likes to lead.

Without supervision, she ran into a pack of wild sheep. When they started to run, her instincts got the better of her. What followed was lots of me whistling and screaming at her. I apologize for my bad dog moment and will make her wear her training collar in the future. She did stop, and Alex and Steve thought she was pretty well behaved. This little guy had not run, so Ruby ignored it while I took a photo.


Final steps to the summit. I like this because of Steve's ironic t-shirt (you'd have to zoom in to read it, so I'll tell you here it says "Fun Run").


Michael relaxing with Diamond Peak in the background.



No, we didn't carry Ruby. We just had to lift her up for the photo. It's either that of we all have to squat down, and this group is too old for squatting.

Map Trailhead

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