Thirtythree and Cody's Lakes


After hiking to Thirtythree, we do an extensive wander (bushwhack).

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We got started early, on our feet just after 8. There was one car at the trailhead.

The trail these days is pretty well beat in. So we made good time. And although it seemed brisk when we left the car, it soon warmed up as the trail got steeper.


As we neared the pass, the sun was trying to make itself noticed.


Over the top, it was full sun.


It took us right at two hours to get to the lake.

When we arrived, we had to wait for Dave, who was making photographs of his new favorite lake. Kenzie was trying without much success to get Ruby to cooperate for her own photos.


As we made our way around the lake, this is looking back at where we had come from.

Kenzie in her happy place. Dave is over by the outlet taking more photos. And Tom and Rich are whipping water, with some little success. Trailhead

We hung out at the lake for about two hours, then agreed to do an explore.


I had been on part of this when I climbed Thirtythree Peak. But it looked different without snow.

Tsum Peak on the extreme left.


After contouring around Thirtythree Peak, our easy access to this little lake was barred by cliffs. So this is as close as we got as we continued our ridge traverse toward Sawtooth Peak.


And there's Sawtooth now.

The map seemed to indicated a way off the ridge. And although it wasn't much, it was enough. Down we go, then hang a hard left. Trailhead
Here's the hard left. We were trying not to give up too much elevation, because any lost would have to be gained to get to Cody's Lake. Trailhead
It wasn't that hot today, but Ruby was still really glad to get to Cody's. Trailhead

From Cody's Lake, this is looking up at the north face of Sawtooth.

There was no sign of man at Cody's. Nada.




It's hard to fit all that into one photo. Sloppy pano below.

Dave made more photos. Ruby likes to watch. Trailhead
The plan had been to follow that ridge over there, but to get to it would have required more climbing. Instead, we were on what seemed like mellower terrain. Until we ran into the cliff face that steered us down into the valley in front here. Trailhead
Once in the valley, we contoured across toward the ridge we had originally targeted. That left us with great views of the valley you follow on the way to Thirtythree. Trailhead
Looking back from where we had come from. Sawtooth Peak on the right behind the tree. Trailhead
Dave noted that looking back, some of our route didn't even look possible. Trailhead
Not too much farther now to the cold beers. Trailhead

Back at the truck, with aforementioned cold beers.

The gang was disappointed when I told them the GPS only said 7.1 miles. But this is some tough country, so between those miles and the elevation, it was a hard day.

TrailheadDave Beck photo


Dave's report



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