Upper Duck Lake & Rain Peak


Cody comes to McCall for blue skies and a Lick Creek hike.

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Cody had only been here before on skis, so all that rock and dirt must have seemed a little out of place. But his was the only vehicle there when Dave, Tom, and I pulled into the Duck Lake trailhead.

Blue skies! THAT has been a while.


It's a very short hike to Duck Lake. With an empty parking lot, one should expect to have the lake to oneself. Other than one moto rider going the other way, that's what we got.


We crossed the outlet of Duck and proceeded on our bushwhacking way to this little pond. Pretty.

But we were expecting a LAKE, so the pond seemed a little small. Here's what we were looking for: Upper Duck Lake (below).


After a rest at Upper Duck, we agreed to continue on to Rain Peak (seen on the right-hand horizon in the panorama above). More bushwhack. More views. This is looking back down on Upper Duck. A little smoke moving in.

When we got under the final headwall, we took another breather and for luck, did a little summit dance. Trailhead

There's our headwall. It didn't look bad, but we needed to pick a route that the pups would enjoy.

Sorry, not many pics of the pups because they were doing a lot of running around. Pup stuff.


Working the hillside for greenery.

Click for a bigger image where you can see the gang.


On the ridgetop.

Dave and Cache on the summit. Marge Lake on the bottom left. Trailhead
Looking south at Beaverdam and Teardrop. Trailhead

The long north-south ridge of Paintbrush on the left. Storm and assorted other peaks on the right.

Sorry about all the peak naming. I just can't help myself. Dave calls me 'Siri'.

After the usual summit shenanigans, we crept off the side a hundred feet to get out of the wind and get the pups away from the extreme exposure of Rain's north face. Trailhead
After a leisurely lunch, we ambled around the hillside on our descent. Lots to look at and explore. We also found water way up here for the pups. Trailhead

And in case you didn't notice earlier how beautiful Upper Duck is, here's another view in the afternoon sun.




Dave's report



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