Narrows Overlook


Ponderosa State Park's highpoint makes for a lovely walk.

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Opening Day for Any Weapon. Not the best day to be hiking in the fog.

So we went to Ponderosa State Park, where hunting is not allowed. If you park at the trailhead just past the Activity Center (see linked park map below), you can enjoy a nice, long hike through the big trees and along the lake.

Today the lake seemed like the Oregon coast. Very pretty.


I was going light; no pack, no camera. So the photos here were with my cell phone. And it was raining for much of our hike. So not a lot of photos.

This is the view from the Narrows Overlook, looking south toward McCall.


And across the narrow part of the lake.


The viewpoint. I was wearing jeans, so sitting on the wet bench seemed ill-advised.


Ruby wasn't quite sure why we were standing around.... up here the wind was blowing.


The trail along this side of the lake doesn't require much in the way of climbing. Nice, scenic cruise.

The rain had eased off, but I had to put the raincoat back on due to a brisk on-shore breeze.


We detoured up through the woods to get out of the wind. The precip was subsiding, and the sun was trying to come out. Trying.

In the previous photo, Ruby is looking at these deer. She's a good puppy so did not chase them. Trailhead

Map - This is an old topo, so does not show all the roads (or any of the trails).

The park map shows the trails, as well as the newer roads.

Note: You need to display a parking sticker or you must pay a $5 entry fee to the park.


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