Warm Springs Pt and Lava Ridge


Out past Hazard Lake you'll find wild country.

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Today's Dave tour involved a little over an hour's drive out to the Clayburn trailhead. We then started walking a somewhat wet and muddy ATV track. You can see this morning's objective off in the distance.


We thought that leaving the ATV track would lead to drier terrain, but last week's snow had left all this ground a little soft.


But we were soon on the drier summit ridge. And there's the summit. Not a big peak, but definitely big views.

In the background, we are looking north into the Salmon River canyon, and across that we can see Southwest Butte.


Looking south, the tall peak is Bruin Mountain.


And off to the west, Patrick Butte.


Summit shot.

The pano below shows that same northerly view of Southwest Butte and Chair Point.

Map Trailhead

After a short drive, we were at the Big Dave trailhead, headed up the Lava Ridge National Recreaton Trail. Ruby loved the open country with its distant view of any potential squirrels. I suspect that in just a few weeks this will all be knee-high grass. But for now, the snow was just recently departed.


Looking up the hill to the ridge, our destination.

The trail continues north along the ridge, but we needed to eventually head south, so we left the trail and headed off cross country.


After reaching the ridge, we change directions and start heading south along the rim. This is looking back north.


I think that's Lava Butte.


Dave was enjoying the scenery.

An unnamed lake. Trailhead
The high Lick Creek peaks: North and South Loon, Storm Peak, Victor Peak, etc. Trailhead
I think this is Lake Rock. Zoomed way in. Trailhead
Again, lots to look at on this beautiful ridge system. Trailhead
Looking back on the ridge behind us. We discussed what it must be like up here in the winter when the west wind is pushing snow over the lip here. Trailhead
One of the many snow patches we had to traverse. Good solid snow, though. Trailhead
And there's our high point on Lava Ridge. Trailhead
And another look back. Trailhead
Summit. Trailhead
The ridge without pesky people in the way. Trailhead
Looking south. Trailhead

Okay, time to head west and back to the car. I wonder what the bushwacking will be like?

Oh wait- there's the road right there!

Ruby working the hillside. Trailhead
And a much-deserved chance to cool off. Trailhead



Dave's trip report


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