Peak 7860


A 'neighborhood' climb to the end of the east ridge of Green Mountain.

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After a 45 minute drive from the house, which included some fussing around trying to find the right place on the road to park, we were off. Initially I was fighting tightly-spaced baby lodgepole. Then I walked out into this open space. Bingo!

As we worked our way up the ridge, we ran into an extended clearing. It was only across the top of the ridge. Seemed like perhaps the prelude to a fire break, where only the brush and small stuff had been cut. It was like a park- this bushwhack is working out swell! Trailhead

Up higher, there was the normal granite outcropping here and there.


And then along with the outcrops, we ran into the Green Mountain fire from 2015.

And there's our peak right over there.


Green Mountain.


I had been trying to shortcut off the ridge to save some work, but as I got closer I realized that going to the northern end of the ridge was going to be both the easiest route and most aesthetic. Check out the improved view of 7860.


As we worked our way over to the peak, the ridge didn't look continuous. So I instead dropped down a bit, thinking I could take advantage of the greater number of bare spots. The problem with this plan was that the snow was covering boulders, and the boulders were hiding holes. I worried about doing damage as I plunged through the millionth hole. And it turned out to be a lot of work. Slow work.

But we finally made it to the saddle. Looks bigger than the 270' of prominence shown on LOJ. So I checked my GPS here: 7550'.


Then I checked the GPS on the summit: 7862. 312' of prominence by my measurement. YMMV.

Great views. Still lots of snow up high, as to be expected. But judging by the roar of Kennally Creek at the bottom of the valley, the snow is going fast. Trailhead

More views. You can also see the still-frozen Kennally Lakes.

The summit in the right foreground is Pete's Peak. In the left background is the ridge between Buckhorn and Buck.


And off to the south, Paddy Flat and Cascade Lake.

Too bad the weather wasn't better.

Map Trailhead

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