Peak 5985


A mountain bike ride up Buckhorn Creek to the snow line, then abandon the bikes and hike to Peak 5985.

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John and I had visited this area in January when we climbed Teapot Mountain. Intrigued, we wanted to come back, ride the trails, and possibly ace another high point. So after the 1:20 drive from Cascade (this time on dry pavement the entire way) we were on our bikes at around 10:30 under blue skies and about 50°.



I don't like carrying a camera while riding, so it was in my pack. That makes photography a pain, so you will have to believe me when I say this was a gorgeous ride. For more pics of the area, also visit the page for Six Mile Ridge.

The trail has some debris in it, including some good-sized downfall, but is basically easy to ride. It follows an abandoned road, so the grade is moderate.


Somewhere up there is our peak.

We had ridden the trail until we hit some snow. Then we hike-a-biked through that for a bit and gained some more open ground. Eventually we hit solid snow and turned around.


We locked the bikes together and left our wet gear in the sun to dry. Then John led us up the ridge, which was less steep after a few hundred feet of gain. Note the waterfall as seen from up on our ascent ridge.


More ridge. It involved game trails, some fun scrambling, and more than a little downfall.


Looking back on our previous bike ride trail. Note the steep hillsides. We were.

Nearing the top of the ridge. That's Miner's Peak lookout on the horizon. Trailhead

And the bump on the far right is our summit. It seemed really close, but the copious amount of deadfall made for a slow traverse.

We did a little dancing to get across the ridge, then had a very short scramble to the summit. Trailhead


That's some of the high Lick Creek peaks in the background.

Zoomed in just for you, that's the nick in Nick Peak. Trailhead
That way up there is Petes Peak. Trailhead

Not feeling it much for more deadfall, we opted to risk a loop going off the summit. With John leading, we avoided any cliffs and only had a few big messes to negotiate. And the soft soil made this a pretty good alternative. But I would NOT want to try to climb this way.

Then it was about a quarter mile of our same bike trail, and we were back to the bikes (sort of hidden behind a tree on the right). Then a 15 minute ride rewound what had taken us an hour to ride up. Wheeee!



Final note: Ticks, ticks, and more ticks. It's Spring in the South Fork. Get used to it.


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