Williams Peak


Williams Peak sits right in front of Mt. Donaldson, and is joined by a ridge.

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With a promising forecast for Saturday (only), we all wanted to get out. And Dave, especially, wanted to test his fitness after surgery a short while ago. So inspired by Dan's trip report, we chose to try Williams Peak, the highpoint just right of center here.


Our story, like most, starts at the beginning. These days there is a visible, cairned trail going up the North Fork of Jones Creek. I had been up this 15 years ago, so it was interesting to see the changes.

Snake River

Note that there are some "accessory cairns" here and there, so you still have to keep your eyes open.


Some of the cairns, we suspect, were under snow.


We were making good progress, intent of ascending via the 10,000' saddle between Williams and Donaldson. But then this opportunity presented itself: a pre-disastered couloir on good snow that apparently went straight to the summit. What's not to like?


It was a lot steeper than it looks in this picture. But that's how big the smiles were!


This may convey the steepness better. It was probably 40-45° in places.
Also, this may convey the wind and spindrift. From within our protected couloir, we were watching snow plumes drifting off the nearby ridges, wondering how bad it was going to be on top.


Yah, still in the couloir. All told, we gained about 1800' in this charming little gully.


And then it was a short traverse to the saddle on the summit ridge.


Looking back at the valley. SuperDave isn't yet at 100%, but moving right along.


Amazing views from the saddle.

More amazing: very little wind. But we still opted to dress up a bit before getting right on top.

A few more steps. Approach

Right on top.

Lessee here. We had done a short ridge walk. Better head down a different way so we can get in a loop. So we went down to the previously mentioned saddle between Williams and Donaldson, on the right. That's Mt. Church on the left. Approach

Three of the Four Amigos.

There were a few holes that made us question the wisdom of doing a loop when our snowshoes were sitting in the sun at the bottom of the couloir. Approach
But it was mostly pretty easy walking. Approach
And very scenic. Approach


Note: my GPS says it is 10,766'



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