Sargent's Peak


Early-season ski outing.

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Jim and I had skied a couple days at Brundage earlier in the week. Knowing it was about skied out, we opted to do more of a tour over to Sargent's. As we climbed over the ride for our first view, we were only mildly shocked by the low snow.


We were still having fun; catching up, seeing the country, and watching Ruby's antics in the snow.


Usually by this date all this sage brush would be buried.

But there are signs that more snow is on the way. Trailhead
And there is enough snow here for touring. Trailhead
Jim rips skins on the summit. Trailhead
Art is just behind. Trailhead

We dropped off the west side of the saddle between Brundage and Sargent. It's sort of cliffy and with boulders, but we made it.

We skied some of the backside collector runs on Brundage, then had beer and nachos in the lodge. Great day.


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