Wolverine study



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Art and I volunteered to help the "Fishy Game" in a wolverine study. The plan: ski back into the mountains and set up a bait station and motion-detection camera, loaned by the Dept.

First came the skiing. Gorgeous day, nice pow. Except Art was carrying a slightly smelly hindquarter from a dead horse. Really.

So in sympathy, I broke trail and carried some of his gear.


Each choosing the appropriate level of technology, Art wired the horse leg to one tree.


And I attached the camera to a facing tree, checked the batteries, and adjusted the settings for photo frequency, etc.


Then we skied back to the top of Sargent's and returned down the way we had come, revelling in some great pow.

We have to go back in a month to install fresh batteries and fresh bait. Let me know if you find some road kill!


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