Nethker Peak (Peak 7540)


An easy climb is a homecoming after time away.

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This peak is accessed from part way up the road to Josephine Lake. How far up the road depends on you. We chose to start at the second major switchback, which has plenty of room to park.
There is sort of a game trail leading away from the switchback. But it doesn't really go anywhere. Some light bushwacking uphill brings one to open terrain, assuming you avoided the alder around the creek (not shown on the map). Loads of ripe huckleberries almost kept us from our peak. Ruby showed little interest in the huge piles of huckleberry-colored bear poop.

The next section is mostly forested: lodgepole laced together with open, grassy sections. Keep going and you hit open areas with views. This is looking back toward Secesh Summit.


And over there, Lake Rock Lake Peak.


The summit isn't a lot higher, but it sits at the back of the ridge. Between the clouds and the forest, not much to see here on this very obscure summit. Except that ironically, someone had left a cairn.


Although it was sprinkling lightly, I decided to get a look at Nethker Lake on our return. As I slipped to the north side of the ridge, we entered a piss-fir forest with loads and loads of downfall. That and the increasing intensity of the rain convinced me to just head back to the truck.

Map Approach

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