Loon Lake Loop and Pk 6355


A great mountain bike ride with a peak thrown in for good measure.

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The Loon Lake Loop is a popular McCall mountain bike ride. I've done it a few times, and even done climbs from the loop, notably Victor Peak, seen here on the far right.


Today's goal was an obscure LOJ peak, Peak 6355. It sits just north of the trail as you begin the descent from Loon Lake to the Secesh. After stashing my bike behind some deadfall (see- the stuff can be useful!), I started up the steep, open hillside.

Even hiking in cycling shoes, I was making great time.


But when the steepness of the ridge eased off, so did the easy going.


Even with the pick-up-sticks, it was still a short climb to the summit.


Between the dead trees, there were some great views. There's Loon Lake.

Map Approach

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