Humdinger Peak


An old favorite, Humdinger is a ... humdinger.

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Big Dan and Carrie were up to visit their daughter for the 4th. So he asked if I wanted to join for a climb of Granite Mountain. I shared a photo of the snow and perhaps the road isn't even open yet? So we switched to Humdinger because not only was Lick Creek Road open, but a crew from the Idaho Trails Association had cut out the trail the day prior. So from part way up the trail, there is Humdinger, summit on the left.

We got a leisurely start, leaving McCall at 9am, on our feet at 10. Nice temps, although already shorts and short sleeves. Approach
It took about an hour to get to the saddle overlooking Hum Lake, but we were more interested in looking at our route up the ridge. Approach

We worked the terrain as best we could, but some of the best lines were buried in steep snow. So over, around, under, whatever.

That's Hum Lake.


I had forgotten the difficulties of this ridge. At times it was too much for Ruby. She's good on rock, but some of the holes and climbs were either scary or too much. I did a little carrying and lifting to get her through the blocks. I think we'll stick to Class 2 for her in the future.


But Carrie was enjoying it.


With a little work, and switching back and forth, we kept the real scrambling to a minimum.

And there were some long sections of snow, which Ruby loved. So did Dan.... Approach

...and Carrie.

The views were really great. The lateness of the snow this year is like icing on the cake.


I didn't get a summit shot because I was attending to Ruby. But here we are dropping off the NW ridge, heading for the saddle where we planned on picking up the Loon Creek trail.


Here you get a hint of why Humdinger has that name. The face extends down for another couple hundred feet at about the same angle.

The ridge traverse went as planned, then we dropped off before the saddle, and found the trail right away. Minimal nasty bushwacking



The Loon Creek trail is not used a lot, and had the expected downfall to clamber over, under, or around. That trail leads to the 20 Mile Trail, which IS used a lot- by hikers, bikes, and even motorcycles. But not today; I was surprised at the amount of snow covering the trail down to Duck Lake.

I was also surprised by the total lack of people at Duck Lake. When we got to the trailhead there were still half a dozen cars there. Where did they all go? Another Private Idaho day. Thanks for sharing it with me, Dan and Carrie!



Dan's trip report

This is my third trip to this summit. Other dates:


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