East Fork Kennally Creek Peaks


A good hiking trail takes you to Blackmare Summit, where easy off-trail will get you to these peaks.

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From my house, it took about 50 minutes to get to the Kennally Creek trailhead. So we were on our feet right at 8am. In the low 40s.

Other than being torn up by motorcycles on the steep sections, these trails are in great shape (you have to navigate several trail junctions). A few downed trees here and there, but you can make good progress all the way to Blackmare Summit.


Blackmare Summit is somewhere in that saddle. Our first climb follows the right-hand ridge.

That's about right. Approach

There's our first summit. Follow the ridge, or work your way through the fairly-open forest. For us, we were in the forest and on snow a good portion of the way (the snow was fairly consistent at about 7800').



With vigorous walking, this had taken about 3 hours from the car.


Blackmare Peak on the right.

I had done Blackmare back in 2011, and we had ridden bikes part of the way.


There's our next peak a bit right of center, with Blackmare Saddle between us-- just follow the line of trees on left, cliff on right.

As we moved up our second peak, this is looking back at our first one. Approach

Summit of our second peak.

AT this point the day was heating up quickly. Time to evaluate time, effort, and water supply


As for effort, the proposed ridgewalk was looking pretty good. Not a lot of trees. Some snow. Not too much up and down. It should provide fast travel.

But water? We were already pretty low.


From out on the ridge, this is looking back. Good walking.

And we found a little freshet under a snowfield, so were able to reload water. But it was a little late-- I was already showing signs of dehydration. Dang heat!

Despite the dehydration, we were having a ball. Ruby was roaming widely while I tried to keep my traverse as flat as possible. I had originally planned on walking the top of the ridge, but the low water forced me to make it as easy as possible. Still, lots to look at! Approach
There's our third summit over there. Just a few of the many rock towers today. Approach

This rock tower is the actual summit. I put my hands on top, but did not actually sit on it. I was just too tired.

Then followed a long ridgewalk through pretty easy terrain. The occasional patch of alder or buckbrush usually had a game trail through it. And then we were on the trail back to the truck. Ruby was tired and hot, so would run ahead of me and lay in the shade until I arrived. We were both glad: she when we hit the creek, and me when I found that the beer I left in the truck was surprisingly cool.

Map Approach

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