Boulder Mountain


A different way to climb Boulder Mountain.

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A September Sunday. Decent temps. A bit of smoke, but not terrible. Where to go?

Julie had never been to Shaw Twin Lakes, and the trailhead is just a 30 minute drive from our house. Seems like a good choice. I didn't talk about Boulder Mountain.....

So we got a lazy start at about 9:30. Already shirt-sleeve temps.


It's only about a mile to the lower lake.

Note the rib in the sun, just left of center.

We got to the upper lake, where I asked Julie if she wanted to scramble up to the ridge for the view.
Yep. Game on.
It was pretty easy scrambling, and the view was wonderful. That's Upper Shaw Lake. Approach

When we gained the ridge, I explained that Boulder was less than a mile away, and fewer than 700' higher. Did she want to?

She did.

Note: I first spotted this potential route when we hiked to Shaw Twin Lakes with Tom and Susan.


We followed fairly fresh sheep-herding sign. At least it smelled fresh. So no, those are not chocolate chips.

As annoyed as I was about the sheep mess, I was way more worried about running into the herd dogs with Ruby. Fortunately, we never did see them, nor the sheep.

Stock trail. Approach


Some of the support for the old lookout tower is still there. But not much.

We enjoyed the view and I named peaks for Julie.

Example: There's an unnamed lake and Shaw Twin Point. Approach
This is looking up Lake Fork Creek, with a bit of Slick Rock showing. Approach



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