Scorpion and Pincer Peaks


Scorpion Peak was a worthy objective for the spring IdahoSummits outing. Pincer was icing on the cake.

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It was once again time for the IdahoSummits spring outing. I drove down to Muldoon from McCall, so the shortest route was over the Muldoon Canyon Road from Bellevue. At the summit, I could see our objective in the distance, on the right. About the amount of snow I expected. Looks like fun!


Once down off the pass, it's another 20 miles of bumpy dirt road to get this new perspective. There's our peak on the right again.


I was there a bit early, allowing me to get a good camp spot before the hordes arrived.

As more folks trickled in, the executive planning committee held an extensive meeting.


The next morning we were moving just about on time. The planning session apparently hadn't had any ill effects.


The map shows an abandoned mining road going up the bottom of the canyon. We followed ATV tracks for a bit, but the spring runoff was at full force. The raging water required several creek crossings and also forced us off into heavy brush occasionally. Here, we had climbed up the hillside to get around a bad section.


Creek crossing. Bushwacking. John kept asking me, "I'll bet Julie would love this, eh?" I'm not sure what his point was.


Eventually we got above the really bad stuff and only had to wade through sage brush. And bright sunlight.

Just below this point, the group split. At about the right edge of the photo, Larry took off up toward the bump on the top of the ridge. The more hardcore of the group went behind the shadowed ridge on the left, aiming for a snow gully. And the rest of us climbed a bit higher up the valley to a less technical alternative. Trailhead
Here we are aiming for the sagebrush hump, which led to a long, dry rib up to the main ridge. Trailhead

The rib allowed us spectacular views of the mountain.

Near the top of the rib, our easy sagebrush gave way to some talus. Trailhead

Looking back at the summit, we spotted a lone climber on top.

But now our rib was presenting us with some wet, sloppy snow. Trailhead

Once onto the ridge, we alternated between snow and rock. Very scenic. Very thrilling.

Walking under a cornice. Trailhead

Looking back down the ridge, with Pincer Peak at the other end.

Yep, camera issues.


A little steep snow to traverse to join the snow gully gang.

And the lone climber seen previously, Robert. He had arrived in the morning, couldn't find us, so had climbed up a different route and summited before anyone else had arrived. The snow gully gang ran into his tracks near the top and were baffled.... I wasn't there for that, but it sounded pretty entertaining.


Summit. I think we're all in there....

Then we split up again, with about six of us heading back down the ridge for Pincer Peak. Trailhead
From the saddle, it's only about 600' of gain to Pincer, but it is also a lot of talus traversing. Trailhead

We plugged away.

On top, we briefly discussed marching on to Antares. Briefly. We all agreed that it was late in the day and we were tired.

Home, boys!

George takes the down elevator. Trailhead

On descent, we took advantage of one of the mine roads above the valley floor. That brought us closer to some of the old works.

When our group got back to the parking area, the dust from the convoy was still in the air. So we marched back to camp to congratulate everyone on a great outing.

What's next, Dan?



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