Sister Creek Peak


Sister Creek Peak also sits atop Four Mile Creek.

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I was obsessing about finding a challenging but safe peak. John was in a similar way. We reviewed several objectives, keeping in mind that John was 'winged' with a bad shoulder. Eventually we decided to try Peak 8530, referred to here as Sister Creek Peak, which I had surveilled last week. This view is from the South Fork road, and you might be able to see the summit peeking out.


So today's story starts with us meeting up in Cascade at 8am. We hopped in the Black Beast and drove past Warm Lake and down the South Fork about 8 or 10 miles.

We got out and followed the route I had studied, moving across some gently-rising slopes toward a rib that would give us access to the ridge we wanted to climb. But we were feeling good and moving fast, so promptly got off route and climbed a 300' hill that required us to then descend the other side. And although the buck brush wasn't that bad, it was still buck brush. And it was steep.


After that little detour, we were on a different rib, but it's all good. Just go uphill.

Then we found a small hot springs. We contemplated spending the day soaking our feet.


But it was sunny and there was an explore to perform.

This view is looking back down to the road and the South Fork, down below the snow line.


There was an inch or two of fresh snow on old corn. Not bad footing, which was a good thing because we had left the crampons in the truck.

Look, there's the ridge right there!


Well, it wasn't right there, but we did eventually get to it. About 1400' above the truck (and due to our earlier over-exuberance, about 1700' of climbing).

Next objective: the map showed we needed to get to a saddle and follow the ridge left. That doesn't look so bad!


Well, it wasn't too bad if you don't mind 1600' of snowshoe gain.

And there's our next objective, the summit.

As you get closer, somehow the summit gets taller. Dang! Approach

Also, as you get closer it gets farther away.


Somewhere about three pictures back, I started feeling hungry. I plodded along, then in my fog I realized that the reason I was getting so weak was I was starving. I quickly slammed some food, then added some clothes to compensate for the lost body heat (and there was now a pretty good breeze).

It seemed like it took forever, but I did make it. John, who had been waiting for a while, was all puffied up.

Awesome views. That's Log Mountain. Approach
The peak sticking up is Thunderbolt. Off to the left and hard to see, the Sawtooths. Approach
There is another peak up here, pretty much in the center of this picture. It is a really, really cool looking area and I was dying to cruise the ridge. It's hardly any higher then we were. But good sense prevailed, so we denied that impulse. Approach

However, there was a bump in the ridge that wouldn't really put us off route, so up we went to check the views. That's Sister Creek Peak behind us now. Some steep faces, eh?

More awesome views. That's the Needles on the left with Squaretop just right of center. Approach
We got our views, then rejoined our up route and headed home. This is the view sort of SW looking into the South Fork. Approach


We went up the left side, descended the right.

We were two pretty tired hombres when we got back to the truck. Sure glad we didn't go for that second peak.


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