Peak 6882


A quick Hailey peak, 6882 is 5 minutes from my daughter's house.

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We had skate-skied about 16km up the Boulder valley on a cloudless Saturday morning, then returned to the homestead for some very physically challenging gardening. When my arms finally gave out, there was still daylight, so Mariel and I headed up to the old radio tower hill.

As you can see, the trail goes pretty much straight uphill to avoid private property on the left.


Mariel set the pace, but I was able to keep up without too much wheezing. This is looking back at Hailey.


OK, Mariel. This is how LOJ works... that point over there is a "true" summit.


We connected the dots by following a ridgeline. Most of the time, there was a faint trail, too. A little weather moving in.

Also, note that it was quite warm. I'm not used to that yet.... and I was starting to suffer.


There's the summit.


A patch of snow on the north side....and thunderheads forming.

Climbing is always better when you get to enjoy it with your kids.

Do you like my new Zach hat?


A quick snap of the Boulders.


Time to head down.

From what we saw and skied, it's a perfect time to do accessible snow climbs. Just watch the spring weather surprises!


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