Pete's Peak


A long Fall day to Pete's Peak.

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Jim picked me up at 7:30 and we headed to 2 Sisters for some joe (plus a hot-out-of-the-oven cinnamon roll for Jim). Then up to Boulder Res and we were on our feet at 8:30, heading for Boulder Lake. After early morning fog, there was a little sun on the peaks.


The lake is low, but still very pretty.

You can't see much snow on Jughandle, but the backcountry had plenty of coverage. Some was supportive,but most of it added a lot of work as each footfall crunched in a couple inches. Trailhead
It took a couple hours to get to Kennally Creek Summit. There's today's goal to the right of center. GPS says two miles. Trailhead
That's two miles off trail, including plenty of talus and the black slime left by 2015's Rapid fire. Trailhead

Getting closer.

Summit. Trailhead
From the summit looking east, you can see the namesake Pete's Lake. Trailhead

More northerly, you can see the hanging Buckhorn Mountain Lake. The snowy ridge on the far left is Buck Peak. Off to the right just out of frame is the gully that leads to the 'v' notch, Gunsight Notch, right above Middle Fork Lake.

We had a long way to get home. Better get going. This is the hopscotching Rapid burn again. Trailhead

We dropped about 1200' down to the Buckhorn Creek trail, then followed that up to Buckhorn Summit. The highpoint to the right is Vic's Peak.


After the summit, we were headed down toward Boulder Lake. This is looking back across Summit Lake at Rapid Peak.

And finally, late in the day- there is Boulder Lake with Long Valley behind and below. Just a few more miles to go. Trailhead



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