Gold Fork loop drive and Needles hike


A scenic drive up the Gold Fork and a short hike toward the Needles.

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We were looking for a casual hike with spectacular scenery. The choice was to try find the climber's trail to the Needles. I had been to the Needles before, but that was on a different, longer trail.

This time, we drove clockwise up the Gold Fork Loop road. We didn't like the looks of the start of the 402G road, so we parked and walked.

It wasn't long before the spectacularness began. Tom looks somewhat stunned. Trailhead

Big rocks.


More big rocks.


Still more.


And off in the distance to the south, Gold Fork Rock lookout. Yes, there is a lookout at the tip-top of the pinnacle on the right. I have visited that one before.

We were a little short on time, so turned around for the car. When we got to the car, we finished the loop. This second half of the loop seems to be a little fast, with fewer blind corners. Overall, this road is really in good shape and with outstanding scenery the whole way (but mostly quite narrow and slow). There are many, man rock towers hidden in the forest. Big fun. Highly recommended.


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