Morning Glory Peak


Morning Glory yields a glorious view of Salmon, Idaho and its valleys.

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After our first evening of our second Short-eared Owl Survey (I are a scientist) we crashed with Jeff and Sandy in Salmon. The next morning, due to the weather, Jeff and I settled on Morning Glory Peak.

After a 10-minute drive from his house, we were off. That's our peak in the center skyline. Note: the camera makes everything look flatter.


We followed the old Leesburg wagon road, which is quite steep. I occasionally checked my altimeter, and we were gaining fast. Nevertheless, that's Julie right there. Salmon in the background.


Julie would be a lot faster, except she likes to check out all the little plants. Today, she was impressed by the condition of the range. It's a lot like the Boise foothills, but in much better shape. Lots of wildflowers. Few invasives.

From here, we crossed the drainage to gain the ridge on the skyline. Then followed the ridgetop (with views) to the summit. But we're not there yet....

Like the Foothills, there was lots of balsam. There were also some wild displays of lupine. Approach

And mixed in, cacti!


There was also lots of wildlife.

This is from the summit looking at the Beaverheads. Or at least in their direction. The low cloud deck sort of justifies our decision not to go after something taller. Approach


From there, we followed the ridge out over another bump (Julie wants to call this second bump "Little Jefe"), then connected back to the road we had previously been on. Then followed the road all the way back to the car, eager to get back to the house and watch the master chef do his thing.





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