McCall hiking weekend


Two days of hiking in the McCall area.

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Golden Lake

We try to hike to Golden Lake each year as soon as Lick Creek road opens. Sometimes the road is more open than others. Previous versions:

  • 2001 with Jasmine
  • 2002 with Dad and Jasmine
  • 2003 the gang climbs Snowslide
  • 2005 another gang to Snowslide
  • 2008 with Dad, and Peak 8361
  • 2010 with Dad, and including Snowslide w/Matt and Art
  • 2012 in November with John and Tamara, including Snowslide
  • 2013 with Dad, 83 years old
  • 2014 with Julie, including Snowslide

This time, there was one last patch of snow before the parking area, and we decided that by afternoon it might be a little soft. So we got an extra hundred yards or so to warm up on the flats.


Okay, warm up over.

That's Slick Rock on the left. The Three-cracks route looks pretty dry, but you might want an ice-axe for descending the gully. And the water in the creek is a little high. A little.


We call this "the meadow." Art pointed out that he has almost never seen it with anything less than a full cover of snow.


The lake also had a full cover of snow.

We had a nice lunch on the rock, then headed back to town. Tick count = 7 (so far!).


East Fork Lake Fork

Sunday was Mother's Day, so big gains and bushwacking were out. Julie had never been up the East Fork, so it made an obvious choice. A real trail!


Trilliums always signal spring for me.


Per the earlier discussion of crossing Lake Fork Creek under Slick Rock, well, good luck! The creek was out of its banks.

Trail. Flowies. It doesn't get any better (well, not much). Trailhead
This one did not show up in the Flowie Identification Guide. Julie figured it out when we got home. Trailhead

How far are we going?


Last year, I crossed the East Fork in April and made good use of the rope.

The rope is gone, and I'm estimating that this year, the creek is at least a foot deeper.


Somewhere above the Middle Fork of the East Fork of Lake Fork (all those forks were driving Julie crazy, so I gleefully repeat them here), we found a nice meadow with a view in which to have a picnic. Or look for flowers.....

Here, I will put in a plug for the Breakfast Burritos at Two Sisters. The chorizo burrito pairs very nicely with the no-pinky Underwood Pinot in a can. And of course, the empty can is easily crushed and packed out.


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