Chilly Peaks


Assorted short adventures in the Chilly Peaks area.

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Julie had volunteered us for a study of Short Eared Owls. Our first plot was just north of Willow Creek Summit, so the next day we had some free time.

Early season, so let's do something easy and fun. Dan's trip report from this area was my inspiration.

We started with North Chilly Butte.


From below, it was hard to tell where the true summit lay. But other than the ferocious and cold wind, the ridge walk was fun.


Rosy cheeks.

It was just below freezing and blowing abut 20mph.


Julie observed wildlife and picked up some trash while I sprinted up South Chilly, in the background.


Then we headed west to Swenson Butte.

Julie chose the steep ridge with rock bands. Cool with me.


From the summit, Dickey and the Pahsimerois (sounds like a great name for a rock band).


We called this unnamed hill Raven Butte. You'll see why in a moment.

More rocky ridge to traverse. Approach
Zoomed in Julie. Approach

And here's the raven's nest.

From there, we stopped and toured the Chilly Cemetery. If you are interested in pioner history (and a flavor of local culture) it's worth a visit.

Then it was time to head to Salmon. But we were going right by a LOJ peak in Grand View Canyon. You can't quite see the highpoint in the center. Approach

The crux of this climb is getting through the heinous tangled brush and thorns while trying not to fall into the 6" deep creek that is slightly too wide to jump.

Then, we followed a distinct game trail right to the summit.

For Julie, somewehre in here the "fun" mentioned earlier left the room. I went on and tagged the top.

Julie descending the game trail. Approach

Plodding back to the car, low on blood sugar.

The following pictures are for general interest and to illustrate a small portion of the amazing views we had today.

Peak 11308 Approach
Borah Approach
Dickey Approach

"The Three Sisters"

Willow Creek cam Approach

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