NYE on Cervidae


Another New Year's Eve on Cervidae with the gang.

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I had to drive Jasmine down to Boise, so I had no real excuse not to spend New Year's Eve on Cervidae (again). Here's the 'AGAIN' part:

So on to the adventure: Steve and Tom had started earlier in full sun. Steve was going to wait on the summit for us, but Tom had an early appointment.

I was carpooling with Michael and Scott. When our group got to the parking area, the sun hadn't fully gone down and it was a balmy 19°F. But the wind was howling, so it seemed much colder. In defense of the cold, one tries to walk a bit too fast. Pretty soon we were somewhat spread out and it was full dark. Headlamps out.


Somewhere in here Tom (aka Dr. Granola) came down on his early return and introduced himself, but no photos.

It's questionable whether or not I have any camera skills at all. But make it dark and cold, and there's no question left. I think the swirling demon in this photo is actually my breath. The climbers are Margo and Bruce.I took a few more, but they were even worse.


So here we are on top. It was almost calm and somewhat warmer. Plus, the camera had been inside my jacket, so the batteries were working. A little too well- Michael was blinded by the flash for several minutes.


Summit shot. Left to right: Zach, Scott, Bruce, Margo, Michael, Steve, John, and me.

We hung out for as long as our digits would let us, with general camaraderie and libations. And then it was down to the cars and wishes to all for the New Year.


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