Buckhorn Mountain


Getting up Buckhorn fulfills a long-time goal.

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Julie had wanted to climb Buckhorn for a long time. Today seemed like a good day. However, NOAA was saying a chance of afternoon thunderstorms.

Considering we were going to be on snow a lot, we got a pretty casual (read: late) start. The sun was in my eyes driving up the road, and it was already warming when we got to the reservoir.

That's Jughandle peeking out above the trees.


When we got to the upper lake, there was water running deep across the trail. Time for an alternate route. Follow those folks.


The lake has not completely melted. That's not our peak, but our peak is right behind it. We call this "False Buckhorn". It shares a saddle with the actual peak.

From here, we walked on continuous snow pretty much to the summit.


As we got around the lake, we found ourselves having to do a lot of kick-stepping on the side hills. Time to put on the crampons.


Then it was the long slog up sun-cupped Boulder Meadows. Again, False Buckhorn.

We swung around the left (north) as we climbed.


This is the saddle.

I had skied this years ago with Art, so knew it wouldn't be too steep.


Julie following the steps.

In the foreground, you can see Peak 7541.

In the background you can see Slick Rock and quite a few Lick Creek peaks.

There is the summit. Trailhead

We worked the snow as far as we could. Then it was time to remove the crampons to scramble over the downfall and through the rocks.

Summit. Trailhead
A little summit porn for the really determined adventurer. Trailhead
As the weather deteriorated, it was time to head down. Trailhead
One last look before a quick glissade to drop off the saddle. Trailhead
Map Trailhead

But this was Memorial Day, so not without some drama.

As we drove out, we smelled smoke. Someone had abandoned their campfire without extinguishing it. Fortunately, I was carrying a shovel. I could have used a bucket. Of course, someone else could have used one.


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