Big Southern Butte


Big Southern Butte overlooks a lot of the southeast Snake River plain.

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After our long day on the Big Creek peaks of the Lemhi yesterday, we woke to rain and a low cloud deck. Very low. Like 500' above camp. What to do?

So we rolled up our wet tents and headed south. As we did so, it got a little brighter and a little drier. Hmmm.

With bellies filled in Arco with "The Big Pickle", we decided to try Big Southern Butte. You can see most of it!


It's a long drive across the desert on a variable dirt road that might be questionable if you are out there in the rain.

But eventually you start up a road that enters the canyon.


Just a little higher, the road is blocked by a stout gate. We were on our feet and climbing steeply. Legs talking to us about yesterday.


The road gets right down to business. On the other hand, the GPS told us the road was going the wrong way.

We just followed the road. Legs talk loud. (Shut up, legs. Jens Voight).


The cloud deck eased up, moving up and down. There's the summit, off to the right. Note the several switchbacks in view. Shortly after, the summit was again shrouded in clouds.


As we neared the summit, the clouds lifted even a little higher. Note the radio tower on the left.



I think there are probably some spectacular views on a nicer day. We could see lots of desert, some INL building, and Arco. Trailhead
We took all the shortcuts on the way back. Trailhead

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