Alpine Creek backpack


A family backpack to the Sawtooths.

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I drove over Thursday afternoon with my two granddaughters, Claire and Hayden. We grabbed a campsite at Alturas Lake, then drove out to the highway to escort in Mariel and Jason.

The next morning, we were packed up and heading up the trail on a cool, sunny day.


The girls weren't too sure but were having fun playing Twenty Questions.


As we got to the top of the climb, i was getting hotter. I was hoping the lake was as close as my old-man memory recalled it.

There it is! This is the same lake, and camp spot, as Jasmine and I used back in 2007. Approach

From our campsite the view was not too bad.


This is our camp site as viewed from the trail. Click on the photo to see who's standing there.


After some lunch, relaxing, etc., Grampa was itching to go explore. The girls declined, but we could see them from up on the ridge we climbed.

That evening, the girls entertained us in the tent as the group evaded the persistent skeets.


The next morning, the girls were ready for their own explore.


We hiked farther up the basin.

And visited several gorgeous lakes. This one had fish in it. Approach

Catch and release. This is an Arctic Grayling.

When we got to the upper-most lake, it was time for lunch. This was accompanied by the backpacking version of Chopped. Approach
Circumnavigating the lake provided some excitement. Approach
Then we dropped into the southern branch of the drainage. And more excitement. Approach
We hit the secret passage, where some July snow remained. Approach
Hayden, left, and Claire, right. Approach
The next morning we got up way early to meet the busy life schedule of the Millers. Approach

And then out to the parking area.

10 minutes later, the storm started.....


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