2016 in Pictures


2016 came in with a ton of snow..

For a textual presentation of the year, see the 2016 Page.

Frenchman Banks Neighborhood snowshoe
Copper Payette Point DeathValley week
Peak 7789 Horsethief Point Twin Sisters Point
Sister Creek Peak Lookout Mountain, OR Chilly area peaks
Peak 6682 (Hailey) Split Creek Point Morning Glory Peak
Guadalupe Peak, TX South Franklin, TX McCall hiking weekend
Big Creek Peaks Big Southern Butte Fall Creek Peak
Buckhorn Mountain Scorpion Mountain Down East Mountain
Thirtythree Peak Peak 8256 The Needles
Duck and East Corral peaks Kathy's Lake Big Baldy
Alpine Creek lakes Glacier Peak, WA Granite Mountain
Tripod Peak Grassy mountains: Peak 8071 He Devil
Monument Mac Han and the Blacktips Cly Basin
Wilson Peak & area Buck Peak Buissons Peak
Wanderlost Peak Idler Peak Frosty Peak
Middle Fork Lake The Beast Shaw Twin Lakes
Bearpaw and Rainbow Peaks City of Rocks Grays Peak
Pete's Peak Perspiration and Inspiration Nevada weekend
Plane ride over Lick Creek Dogslide Peak Cervidae

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