Wind River


Wind River gives a great intro to the Gospel Hump Wilderness Area.

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Rainy day. No peaks. No skiing. What to do?

Art chose hike the Wind River, which empties into the main Salmon from the Gospel Hump Wilderness. The bridge is about 25 miles up the river from Riggins. The drive alone is a great day with beautiful, raw scenery.

45°, trying to rain, fair number of folks out fishing.


Within 10 minutes of crossing the bridge, we ran into this guy. Sunrise on the Pioneers
The trail was in better shape than the last time I walked it, and there were flowers out already (!?) Sunrise on the Pioneers

It was sprinkling on an off, but really not bad. We made great time up the canyon., despite stopping to identify flowers and take pictures.


Sunrise on the Pioneers

After you cross the upper bridge, it gets steeper. So naturally, it started to rain harder.

No snowshoes

The scenery really is stunning, even with sort of a mist hanging over everything.

After a lunch near the pass, the gang split. The guys climbed a quick 1700' to see what the trail to Black Butte looks like (see view east from our highpoint, below), while the gals went down to hang out on the beach.

No snowshoes
Bottom of the gully

Another view from the highpoint, looking down on the bridge.


Can't see the bridge? Here's a close-up of that same bridge.

We scampered downhill fast trying to make up for lost time. We found the gals sitting in the sand along the river, where we joined them and walked back across the bridge together.

Map Camp

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