Snowdon Rock


A short little snowshoe bushwack overlooking Snowdon game sanctuary.

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I have recently been indoctrinated into the usefulness of List of John, an extensive and detailed mapping of all peaks with prominence. This peak is listed as "5660" on List of John.

So now I have a goal of sorts: climbing all the prominence peaks near my home in McCall. Of those, this one is one of the easiest/most convenient. So on a lazy Sunday with chores scheduled in the afternoon, we shot out for an attempt.

We parked by the turnoff for Snowdon game sanctuary, then walked up the road to the first switchback, about 200 yards. I had seen a snowshoe track there in the past, so knew where to look. That track heads up on climber's right of Jumbo Creek. Today, we started on foot, but carrying snowshoes.


In and out of the shade on a sunny day, I 'sort of' followed the old snowshoe track. We also found some yellow flagging marking the trail. Some.

This ice area was of interest, but it's only about 6 feet tall.



As expected today (weird winter), we found dry ground on the southern exposure.

Now, where the heck do we go from here?

Sunrise on the Pioneers

It is a big rock, and there are lots of cliffs. We Found this ramp system on the southwest side. A bit mossy.

No snowshoes
Then a short traverse. Bottom of the gully

And another ramp system to the top.



We found a much shorter way off the east side. But not as fun.

Below, the panorama looking west shows why we're calling this Snowdon Rock. The bend in the river is just upstream from Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary.

The rock formation on the right ridge line is the Jigsaw Puzzle.

On the ridge
Map Camp

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