Serene Ridge


A shortcut back from Lake Serene gets two peaks.

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It was a gorgeous afternoon, so I convinced Julie to go for a hike after work. I told her that we would see several lakes. That sounded good.

It took just under an hour to get to the trailhead, and we were off.


The wildflowers were out.


But just short of the drop down into Lake Serene, I explained that we could do a loop instead. She was skeptical. More uphill?

Note the faint elk trail behind her.


The elk trail made the ridge go pretty quickly. See, there's Lake Serene down there!


Summit of Peak 8124, aka Serene Peak.


We did not get a first ascent.

But three of them were still full.


Looking across to Hard Benchmark. Hard Peak is a few miles away in the opposite direction, so I'm not sure how the ol' USGS came up with the name.

Bottom of the gully
From high on Hard Benchmark, this is looking back at our previous peak. Our route had come up the right-hand ridge. Camp
From the top of Hard Benchmark, more lakes: Grassy Twins. To close our loop, we angled down and right to catch the Coffee Cup trail, then went to the Grassy Twins for a short wade before walking the trail back to the truck. Camp

But I've gotten ahead of myself. From high on the ridge off Hard Benchmark, we could see Disappointment Lake.


And as with pretty much this entire outing, more flowies.

Map Camp

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