Sater Point


TGIF on Sater Point.

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I had promised Dad I would take him for a hike this week, and the weekend was getting booked up. So Friday it is!

Actually, this was a great way to end the work week, regardless. So after getting stuck in the highway repair roadblock on the grade to New Meadows, we were parked and getting ready.


There are no trails here, and the woods are fairly thick. So it was a surprise when the sky brightened and we found this meadow. Then there were several of them.

But actually not a surprise- the map indicated some possibly boggy or marshy areas. Keeping your feet dry might be a challenge in the spring.

But soon after, we started climbing into drier terrain. Like other hikes in this area, there were granite outcrops all over the place. Approach

And that's basically what our peak for today was- a big granite outcrop. Can you see Julie?



This peak is named for the nearby Sater Meadows, marked on the map. The peak is marked on the map as point 6721, but List of John shows its elevation as 6740. It sits right on the line between Adams and Valley counties.

Great views! This is looking sort of southerly, toward McCall. That's the basin of the North Fork of the Payette River.

This is looking northerly, with Black Tip and Bruin in the background. The granite outcropping on the right is Granite Lake Point. Approach

Off to the west is Slab Butte.


And to the east you see the heart of the Lick Creek range. The peak in the background with the shadowed cliff on its left side is Sawtooth.



Note: This is a brushy, forested hike, with very short sight lines. Know your map skills, or carry a GPS.


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