Pollock Mountain


Revisiting Pollock Mountain to get the views.

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I climbed Pollock Mountain in 2012 with John and Dylan, but on that day we couldn't see squat. So when Michael said he wanted to climb it, I was all in.

Our challenge this day started before we got to the trailhead. We busted through a few drifts, following someone's old tracks. But that last drift had stopped them. It was only a quarter of a mile to the trailhead, so we decided not to risk it.

As these things often go, we could have made it. But it was only a short walk to the real trailhead, and the flat road gave us a chance to warm up a bit. Approach

There were patches of snow here and there, even down low. Here Julie shows just how big the trees are.

About halfway between Chokecherry Flats and the saddle, we finally ran out of dirt. But the views were getting better by the minute. Sunrise on the Pioneers

When we got to the saddle, we found a whole mountain range we didn't know about.

Sunrise on the Pioneers

From the saddle, the trail winds around to the western side of the peak. Last time, there was a good trail here. This time, the trail was missing and the steep side hill presented some challenge for snowshoes. Our group was divided on how to best handle this section. But at least now, you can see the lookout.

No snowshoes
The snow was already melty, getting a little slushy and slippery. But the angle here is easier. Bottom of the gully
Even so, we still couldn't agree on the best choice of boots or snowshoes. Camp
We slogged on through the ever-softening snow to finally gain the summit ridge. Camp

All that soggy snow makes for soggy footwear.

Either that, or Art and Carol were going for more of an overall tan.


But where's Michael?

Michael has noticed that there was an additional contour line on the north end of the ridge, something that escaped John, Dylan, and I when we were here in whiteout conditions. Click on the pic to look for Michael on the true highpoint.


Back at the lookout, we had a needed snack, then headed off to tag the highpoint.

Note that the haze from earlier in the day was mostly gone.


Summit. And there's the view of the Seven Devils!

Totally worth the second trip.





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