Peak 7828


A mud-season adventure to Peak 7828.

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I have recently been indoctrinated into the uselessness of List of John, an extensive and detailed mapping of all peaks with prominence. Of course, I now want to do every peak with prominence near my home.

But I also just like to explore and see what's up there. So the climb of the peak was actually my third foray into Jumbo Basin.

To put this outing in context, I'll start with the map.

If you look at the bigger version, you will note that there are several domes, points, and gullies involved. Fun.

And here's our peak from out on the flats of Farm to Market Road. Approach

I was able to drive the Lick Creek road to the Lake Fork Campground turnoff, where in 4-wheel I pulled off the road into about 6" of slush. We'll worry about getting out when we finish the outing.

Then I packed up and started straight up the hillside. No point in dilly-dallying.

This is looking further up the route from Point 5818, or Banshee Wall. Note the big granite dome, Faeirie Dome, on the right.


Here's Faeirie Dome from a little closer.

I tried to climb the face of it, but very near the summit I ran into about a 15' section of mossy slab with considerable exposure. Maybe up, but certainly not down. And I had no idea if there was another way off.

So I reversed course, downclimbed to the base, then went around. All told, probably a 30-minute exercise in futility.

Sunrise on the Pioneers

From near there, this is looking back down at Banshee Wall, with the East Fork of Lake Fork in the background.

No snowshoes
The transition from dry ground to snow is pretty abrupt. Yes, I had been dragging my snowshoes over the boulders and through the alder. Bottom of the gully


There is a much more dramatic spot about 150 feet to the east, which is visible from Crystal Lake. But thankfully, it's lower.

To see the dramatic point, scroll to the last photo on the Crystal Lake page.


A couple scenery shots for your pleasure:

Nick Peak

Looking northerly with Crystal Lake in the immediate foreground. Camp
This shows Sawtooth and Snowslide peaks, but more importantly shows the extremely high snowline for April. We have done the hike up to Golden Lake many times, and usually the earliest would be the first of June. Camp

I've been exploring this area a lot recently. It's neat country (although a bit of work), but mostly because it's about the only area accessible until the snomo grooming melts out.



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