Peak 7541


Checking the snow conditions up the South Fork of Lake Fork to Peak 7541.

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This is one of those obscure peaks that no one has ever heard of, and you can't see it from any road.

So, in a different season, here is it from Buckhorn Peak.

And another view, this time from sort of above Slick Rock, on my route up Peak 7828. Approach

But it's a lot more impressive from the approach to the climb.


But I've gotten ahead of myself. We should start at the beginning. First, I had no problem driving to the upper trailhead on the upstream side of the bridge.

Here's the trail through the campground.

Sunrise on the Pioneers

From there, you walk about a mile downstream on the east side to get to the trail up the East Fork of Lake Fork Creek. Note that I ran into someone on my return who had waded Lake Fork. So I did some extra driving and hiking....

When I got to the East Fork, I headed up and then crossed it. The old rope someone had left was convenient, but not necessary today. From this point on, the walking was mostly on snow.

No snowshoes

Then I walked up the South Fork for a mile or two, and crossed it on these logs.

After you cross the South Fork, it's switchback-city to gain the upper valley. Until now the snow had been firm, but at this point I donned the slowshoes.

As the trail approaches Anderson Lake, I took off cross country to gain a saddle in the ridge. That saddle offered up amazing views (below)

Bottom of the gully
Bottom of the gully

From the saddle, you follow an ever-narrowing ridge. A couple hundred feet from the top, I was scrambling on bare ground and boulders, so I ditched the slowshoes. And the ridge got narrower. It's never bad, but the drop-off on either side is significant.

The actual top has a tree growing right out of the rock, which doesn't make for great photos.


So from about 30 feet away, here's my summit shot.

I had lunch and marveled at the peaks for about 30 minutes,then started backtracking. I took a shortcut on the return, but otherwise just followed the trail back out.


Here's another thing you can see from this peak:

Slick Rock




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