Payette Point


A Three-Hour Tour gets us up Payette Point.

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Tom and Susan wanted to go for a hike. But we're in 'mud season' here in McCall, so most of the trailheads are inaccessible.

Heck, who needs a trail?


We waded through snow of varying depths, setting course based on my memory, never a good thing.

But we pretty much just went up. And it was a nice day.


The big boulders looked vaguely familiar.


There was just enough snow to cover the trail, and not enough to bury all the slippery bits.

Sunrise on the Pioneers

Wallowing up through the boulders in the final chute was interesting.

No snowshoes

And then we were on the landing. Gorgeous day with a front moving in from the southwest.

Bottom of the gully
The girls got summit shots, but I had left my camera in my pack. The photo does not show that we are on a little summit with drops on all sides. But it does show some of the view, with Payette Lake on the right and Little Payette right behind us. Camp

There's the last little bit, after we had each had our turn at the final scramble. It's only 20 or 25 feet, and Susan did it in her Sorels. But you wouldn't want to fall.


We hung out in the sun for a while, then the rising wind drove us off for somewhere warmer.

Here we were in the shade, but out of the wind. Good trade-off.



It's actually a pretty good-sized tower.

With caves. Camp

The snow was gone at the bottom, leaving long shadows in the dirt.


Note: I have done this trip several times. Here are previous reports:


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