Maki Peak


Plan B gets me in the heat on Maki Peak.

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I'm not sure what it was, but as I left the truck this morning, I wasn't feeling 100%.

Oh well. Beautiful morning. Mid-50s. Lots of water on board, so let's go.

It's a fairly steep and quite rocky climb to Snowslide Lake, but the rewards are obvious. That's Snowslide Peak in the sun.


And the lake.

From here, the trail gets steeper and heads for the pass out of scene to the left.


When I got to Snowslide Pass, I was feeling out of sorts. A little rubber-legged. Winded. Sweating hard.

For one, it was already in the upper 70s. For another, it's about 1900' gain on rough terrain.

I had originally planned on heading out Fitsum Ridge, to the peaks on the left half. Instead, I'd do Maki Peak in the center. See how I felt after that.


From just below the pass, there is an old trail to Maki Lake, very thin but with cairns. I followed that up onto the ridge, then followed the ridge toward the peak. Fun terrain.

Once I got to the peak itself, I started working my way up rocks and extremely steep hillsides with grassy-type vegetation. Slippery. Not photogenic. I made some Class 4 moves to gain the ridge, then started traversing.


This is looking up at the ridge. I was moving right to left.

Every twenty or thirty feet I would have to move to the other side of the ridge, or climb over some blocky stuff. All through old snags and low pine bushes.


The map showed the other end of the ridge was higher, so I wasn't surprised. But this gap was too much- zoom in to see the cliffs. So I had to drop off and climb up again. Again on scary-steep dirt, veg, and loose rocks.


Finally I was on the high end of the ridge. But wait- is that higher over there?

This photo gives a better idea of what it means to traverse this ridge.


This photo gives an idea of the exposure. That's Maki Lake.

As the map shows, the far end of the ridge is much less steep, and only Class 2. So I descended the far end, traversed back around, and called it a day. There were other options, but I wasn't feeling any better and the climb back up to Snowslide Pass was already sounding unpleasant.

Bottom of the gully

Here's Snowslide Lake on the way back down.

Fitsum Ridge will wait for another day.

Map Camp

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