Lake Rock Lake


A hike to trophy-fishing Lake Rock Lake gets two peaks.

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After about 10 days of scorching heat, it was finally supposed to cool off a bit. So we were leisurely, finally rolling out at about 9am for the Alpine Pantry: breakfast burritos and lattes for the drive up Warren Wagon Road. We followed the directions in Marchant's book for Lake Rock Lake.

The trail is old-style McCall, because it's outside the burn; it is forested and shady. It was also a little overgrown, with a fair amount of deadfall over it. But by Payette National Forest standards, not bad at all.


It's about 1.5 mile and 1100' to the lake. And there's Lake Rock behind Lake Rock Lake.



Or, if you prefer, Lake Rock Lake Rock.


We scrambled up the hillside to gain the north ridge. As we got closer, we could see the rock peeking between the trees. My father had told me there was a chimney on the backside. I sure hope so!


We worked the ridge, trying to keep a breeze going to cut down on the bugs.

Well, I wouldn't call it a chimney, but there was a workable route. Less than Class 4, too! Approach
Julie liked it. Approach

The summit is really just a jumble of big blocks. The jumble allows you to see through in spots, with the result of dropping something perhaps a 200' fall to the ground. We sat on the two highest blocks, within arms reach of each other.


Although we were admiring the view in all directions, I was focused on our second goal for the day, Lake Rock Lake Peak (I love those noun strings).


So we scampered back down the ridge, then started up the broad shoulder of Peak 8074. Julie (who is in the picture) claimed it was the easiest bushwack ever.

Bottom of the gully
The rocks on this summit weren't nearly as fun. Plus, we had a dinner invite to attend. So without much rest, we were on our way down, shortcutting to the end of the lake. Camp
The shortcut was steep but doable. Camp

Our descent dropped off the right-hand ridge in the picture. Then connected back to our trail to close the loop.

And we made it to dinner with, ummm, 2 minutes to spare.




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