Jug ski day


Early season pow.

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I couldn't sucker John into a high peak, despite the promising weather forecast. But the Brundage cam showed a foot of new snow, so he and Tamara were all in for skiing Jughandle. Then Saturday morning I got a text from Cody. We put it all together and were on the trail a little after 9am.


The trail needs some work. Cody had a saw and I had some loppers. We cleared some brush and a few branches, but we weren't equipped for this bad boy. We either need a chainsaw or two feet of snow (we're all hoping for the latter).

Unfortunately, this is laying right where you want to carry speed on the way out....



As this is still early season and we were working, we weren't moving really fast. But we were having fun.

Meanwhile, the sun was up.


We had been following a set of tracks all the way up.... who was this mystery person? When we met Caleb at the bottom of the face, he was finishing his third lap (!).

We continued on up the excellent skin track, enjoying his hard work as we climbed the unmarked slopes. Thanks, Caleb.


The views were pretty good.

Once on top, we had a leisurely lunch in the sun. Not a breath of wind.

But there was a foot of powder calling our names....

Make that fluff fly!
Very photogenic.
Cody and Tamara each had their own reason to do a single, but John and I went back for another. On the second lap, we could see evidence of the predicted storm moving in. Notice the clouds, and click to see the huge snow plumes on Council Mountain. Approach

Well, so much for unmarked slopes......


Here's John's trip report.


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