Hum Lake trail work


Giving back to our awesome mountain resource.

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The trail work was over the weekend, but I missed the first day because I was doing SAR volunteer work directing traffic at the 4 Summits Challenge.

So the next morning I got up at 4am and hiked into Hum Lake solo. The rest of the group had worked Saturday and camped at the lake. So here comes the sun.

Note: The trail we cleared goes from here down to the lake, then over the saddle on the left.

One of the advantages of the early o'clock headlamp start is catching the animals before they have bedded down. This guy was very passive- the camera was not zoomed in. Trailhead

What's better than a great shot of a big buck in velvet?



When I got to the lake, the crew was just starting to wake up- although the Wild Chef was up and already had coffee ready. Sweet!

Then there were huckleberries, blueberry pancakes with brie (wow!), sausages... Heck, let's just stay in camp.

We did eventually get under way.


I was too busy with work trail to take pictures (silly me). But they had done a ton of work on Saturday, and we did a bunch more on Sunday.

Here we are hiking out. Great group of people.

Contact Idaho Trails Association if you'd like to help (and we all should).


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