Jumpoff and Howe Peaks


A short climb, mostly by car, gets us wonderful views from Jumpoff and Howe peaks.

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Jumpoff Peak had been one my my Lost River "Plan B" peaks. We only had a short day to climb, and big plans for Bear Peak tomorrow, so that seemed pretty reasonable for a goal.

So we started up the road, understanding that Baugher said the crews use a half-track to get up the road. With Dan's almost infinite confidence in John's truck (Carrie, he needs his own 4x4), we were off. 4-wheel low. Tranny heating up. (We later found out that Grant and Alicia had been up just before us, only to kill a tire on their Suby).



Like moths at a flame, we were a little confused by the warmth and bright light. Oh yes, this is Spring. OK.

I was chastised for not having shorts to wear. They made me walk 20 paces behind. Style is so hard!

Sunrise on the Pioneers

After following the road for quite a bit of gain, we popped out on the ridge with views toward the Lemhis. Instantly, arms were flung skyward, with chanting of the peak names.

Sunrise on the Pioneers

After achieving atonement, we continued toward our summit.

But don't be fooled- the antenna is not your salvation, grasshopper.


Sunrise on the Pioneers

It is over there. The point with most prominence.

No snowshoes

We're all feeling better on the summit.

No snowshoes

We enjoyed the mountain as we hoofed it back down to the road to the truck.

But more road didn't seem too exciting, so we drove part way. Only part way, so we could still, with conscience, claim we climbed this beast.

There are rules, ya know?


It was pretty quick, especially because we shortcut the road and were in a little bit of a race. I paused just long enough to snap a photo back across the valley to Jumpoff.



There is a big installation here, with lots of Danger signs, and another ne with many, many rules about radio waves. I could feel my internal bits sizzling with the radiation.

We again hoofed it back to the truck, this time taking about 5 minutes. Then back down that infernal road. On the uphill side of the truck now, I could see these limestone walls. Mono-doigts, anyone? Camp

And just like my picture from the way up, the road looks flat. But it's not, trust me. Note the short horizon before it disappears....


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